Vivera Attends StutterFEST

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Vivera is excited to attend StutterFEST 2021 this Saturday, May 8! Hosted by the World Stuttering Network, StutterFEST is a 20-hour celebration of the stuttering community featuring support group presentations, keynote speakers, a research symposium, and more!

With presentations by our Chief Neurosciences Advisor, Dr. Gerald Maguire, and Neurosciences Ambassador, Ms. Farah Al Qaissieh of Stutter UAE, we look forward to supporting the community as true advocates for people who stutter (PWS).

Farah Al Qaissieh is known around the world for her positive contributions to the stuttering community. She is an accomplished motivational speaker and the founder of Stutter UAE, the United Arab Emirates’ first stuttering support group.

At 2:00 AM PST, Ms. Al Qaissieh will share her journey as a person who stutters and discuss her passion for uplifting the stuttering community through her foundation of Stutter UAE.

Dr. Gerald Maguire is the Professor and Chair in Psychiatry and Neuroscience at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine. As a person who stutters, one of Dr. Maguire’s main objectives in becoming a physician was to understand how to contribute to the stuttering community not only from a social stance, but from a therapeutic one as well.

At 11:00 AM PST, Dr. Gerald Maguire will lead us through a more scientific approach, discussing the latest updates on the pharmacologic treatments of stuttering and how they, along with talk therapies, may be able to better the lives of PWS.

Join us this Saturday as we listen to the stories of PWS, learn about the different programs and resources available, and celebrate the stuttering community.

Register for this event today, free of charge!

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