Vivera Medical Devices offer a selection of products designed to treat the most difficult scars and offer safe, dose-controlled methods of effective pain management. Choose one of our prescription options or, for a more convenient alternative, opt for our over-the-counter formula. In addition to scar treatments, our medical device division also includes a product designed to manage pain. 


Vivera offers a selection of non-addictive medications for pain management. This division also includes an innovative alternative for taking medications orally or by injection. Introducing TABMELT™, a sublingual drug delivery system that allows patients to take medications by dissolving them under the tongue.


Vivera Medical Technologies brings innovative devices to complement Telehealth and sanitation endeavors for humans, pets, and shopping carts. Our machines are customizable with a variety of features and services, including facial recognition, temperature monitoring, and sanitization. Our upgraded version even includes a HIPPA compliant telemedicine portal which allows patients access to a health care professional.


Vivera recognizes the ever-growing needs of those living with central nervous system conditions such as psychiatric, fluency, and neurological disorders, and has set forth to develop novel medications. Vivera is devoted to the research and development of treatments for a variety of conditions within the neuroscience community to enhance the lives of patients and providers.


Vivera Medical Supplies was created to support health care professionals throughout the pandemic. We realized there was a shortage of PPE and stepped up to the plate. By offering in-stock items like gowns, gloves, and face masks, we can do our part in helping keep those on the frontlines safe beyond the pandemic.