About Us

Vivera is an innovative, science-driven pharmaceutical company focused on novel therapies for a variety of indications. The Company is composed of six divisions, each with a unique mission yet working synergistically to support Vivera’s core mission of putting patients first.  From day one, Vivera’s mission has been to support the needs of our most underserved communities, finding new and innovative ways to support patients and their medical providers. From the opioid crisis to COVID-19 to mental health and beyond, Vivera’s team is developing new therapeutics and novel medical device technologies. We strive to fulfill our purpose and our promise toward patient-centric research and development that puts the total health of the patient front and center.

At the onset of 2019, Vivera’s core business centered around three core areas of concern: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, and Health and Human Services. Each division compromised a specific focus of the Company, laying a roadmap for our future. Today, in 2021, we have more than doubled that to include our Advanced Diagnostics, Medical Technologies, Medical Supplies, BioSciences, and Neurosciences divisions, each focused on addressing a critical need.

Within our Advanced Diagnostics division, we have developed a portfolio of USA-made testing for COVID-19. Medical Technologies brings innovative devices to complement telehealth and sanitation endeavors. Complementing our access to medical supplies throughout the pandemic, Vivera has partnered to supply needed medical products for the pandemic and beyond through its Medical Supplies division. Our newest division, Vivera Neurosciences, is focused on utilizing the TABMELT® technology to expand therapies for a range of psychiatric ailments. 

Despite our growth, Vivera has not deviated from its founding focus on non-addictive pain management therapies. In addition to our pharmaceutical and medical device products, Vivera has global exclusivity to license the globally patented and provisionally patented, TABMELT® sublingual drug-delivery system for pharmaceutical use. Initial case studies and clinical trials utilizing the TABMELT® platform are underway.