Vivera Pharmaceuticals Welcomes Gonçalo Leal to Neurosciences Division as Scientific Advisor

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is pleased to welcome Mr. Gonçalo Leal to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Company’s Neurosciences Division. With 15 years of targeted research and education in the treatment of fluency disorders, Mr. Leal’s experience compliments Vivera’s goal of adding innovative new treatment options for enhanced speech fluency.

As Founder of SpeechCare, a speech therapy center, and Clinical Director of iStutter Center, an online speech therapy center for stuttering, Mr. Leal has impacted the lives of thousands of patients across the globe. Mr. Leal holds academic appointments at the UC Riverside School of Medicine and the University of Concepción, Chile and has presented on the treatment of fluency disorders throughout Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

To expand upon his clinical and academic experience as Founding and Executive Board Member of the Portuguese Society of Speech Therapy (SPTF) and as acting Coordinator of the Ethics Committee for the Portuguese Association of Speech Therapists (APTF), Mr. Leal is currently pursuing a PhD in Cognition and Language Sciences with a focus on stuttering from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

“I am delighted to collaborate with Vivera,” said Mr. Leal. “Fluency disorders affect millions of people around the world – people who often feel abandoned by the lack of research and development toward available treatment options, particularly in the pharmaceutical field. It is a real honor for me to be able to collaborate with the competent and ambitious team at Vivera, knowing that we will make a difference. I am certain we will demonstrate that individuals with fluency disorders are advocated for and that their future is bright.”

Fluency disorders affect millions of people around the world - people who often feel abandoned by the lack of research and development toward available treatment options, particularly in the pharmaceutical field.

In alignment with Vivera’s mission of developing patient-centered therapies, Mr. Leal is keen on providing awareness, education, and focused sources of support and information for people who stutter and for those who often battle common comorbidities like mood disorders.

“Gonçalo Leal is a world-renowned expert in communication disorders,” stated Vivera’s Chief Neurosciences Advisor, Dr. Gerald A. Maguire, who has contributed to Mr. Leal’s work with the iStutter Center. “He will contribute greatly to Vivera’s mission to empower the millions of individuals who stutter so that their voices will be heard.”

Ms. Farah Al Qaissieh, Ambassador for Vivera’s Neurosciences Division and Founder of Stutter UAE, stated, “Mr. Leal brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, which will undoubtedly add tremendous value to Vivera’s Neurosciences Division.” Ms. Al Qaissieh works closely with Mr. Leal as the Managing Director of iStutter for the MENA Region.

Focused on the development of innovative new medical technologies and pharmaceutical treatments, Vivera has quickly expanded its research and development portfolio to bring neuropsychiatric therapies to market utilizing the Company’s TABMELT® technology, a patented sublingual drug-delivery system for pharmaceutical use.

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