5 Harm Reduction Strategies for Opioid Use Disorder

There are many misconceptions regarding harm reduction strategies for opioid use disorder (OUD), such as the assumption that they deny the dangers of drugs and encourage their use. Instead, harm reduction recognizes that people will use drugs, regardless of their risks, and incorporates ways to reduce their negative consequences. Harm reduction recognizes that people will […]

Vivera Pharmaceuticals Partners with Areum Bio LLC and Access Bio, Inc. to Expand the National Distribution of Emergency Use Authorized COVID-19 Rapid Tests

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and diagnostic testing distributor, Areum Bio LLC, today announce their channel partnership to expand the distribution of Access Bio, Inc.’s CareStart™ COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test and line of products granted FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Areum Bio is already a major distributor of New Jersey manufacturer, Access Bio’s CareStart™ […]