Designed to enable better patient-provider interactions, the patented ZICOH device works to provide dose-controlled drug delivery to prevent abuse and enhance patient, physician, pharmacy, and manufacturer compliance with prescription medications. Each device ties into specialized software that enables patients, caregivers, providers, pharmacists, and regulators to monitor the usage of prescription drugs, particularly those with a higher propensity for abuse, creating a closed-loop system that enhances patient safety and compliance.

With fingerprint identification to prevent theft and abuse, ZICOH works with unique proprietary cartridges that come pre-filled from the manufacturer or pharmacy. Once a prescription is issued by the patient’s medical provider, the pharmacy can dial in the correct dosing schedule for the patient via the ZICOH secure software application. Providers are able to monitor patient usage and compliance in real-time allowing for seamless communication with the patient and enhancing existing treatment protocols.

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*Patented technology

**In development