Opioid Settlements Reach Over $37 Billion. Vivera Provides First High-Tech Solution

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.— Vivera extends an invitation to AbbVie’s Allergan to partner on its high-tech medical device, ZICOH, designed to end addiction, in light of the former opioid maker’s recently proposed $2.37 billion settlement for its alleged role in the opioid crisis. 

State and local governments sued Allergan, claiming that the Company deceptively marketed opioids by downplaying the risk of addiction and exaggerating the benefits. Additionally, the suits maintain that Allergan allegedly failed to maintain adequate controls to prevent the diversion of its opioid-based medications.

Alongside multiple large companies settling for close to $38 billion, the proposed settlement would require Allergan to pay $2.37 billion over six years to resolve more than 2,500 opioid-related lawsuits brought by state and local governments and tribes nationwide that were affected by the crisis.

Vivera claims that while it’s imperative to provide resources to states and communities that have already been affected by the opioid crisis, it’s equally important to take steps to prevent future addiction. Vivera invented ZICOH, a patented, dose-controlled, cloud-connected, electronic prescription medication delivery system, to help combat the opioid crisis by preventing prescription medication misuse, abuse, and diversion. 


“Vivera developed ZICOH to end addiction to prescription medications,” said Paul Edalat, Chairman and CEO of Vivera. “Opioids have taken enough lives, and it’s time for a solution. ZICOH involves the entire drug supply chain, making it the ideal solution.”

This invitation comes just one week after Vivera invited Teva Pharmaceuticals to partner in developing ZICOH after the Company announced its $4.35 billion settlement proposal for its alleged role in the opioid crisis.

In addition to Teva and Allergan, Vivera has also reached out to other companies that have proposed or accepted settlement agreements for their alleged role in the ongoing opioid crisis. The list includes the following companies and their agreed payments:

  • Johnson & Johnson- $5 billion
  • AmerisourceBergen- $6.1 billion
  • Cardinal Health- $6 billion 
  • McKesson- $7.4 billion
  • Purdue Pharma- $6 billion

To which Mr. Edalat added, “We see these large companies visiting our website, so we know who has received our message. We are just waiting for the companies who share Vivera’s vision to end addiction to lean in and partner on the commercialization of ZICOH. We look forward to starting a conversation about how we can end the opioid crisis with these major drug supply chain players.”

About Vivera Pharmaceuticals

Vivera Pharmaceuticals is an innovative, science-driven pharmaceutical company located in Southern California. The Company has global exclusivity to license the patented and patent-pending TABMELT sublingual drug delivery system for pharmaceutical use and holds its own issued patents on ZICOH, a smart dose-controlled electronic medical device. The Company has also received a Notice of Allowance for its portable telemedicine station, MDZone. With multiple divisions, including its pharmaceutical, neurosciences, medical technology, biosciences, and advanced diagnostics divisions, Vivera Pharmaceuticals is vertically integrated with patented technology, manufacturing capabilities, and distribution for its products.


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